My name is Jaananda.

A lot of people ask me "What is Enlightenment?"

Buddha called existence the plane of suffering.

Emotional pain, suffering or life force energy blockage can be felt as discomfort or tightness in your anus, coccyx, genitals, sacrum, navel area, lower back, solar plexus, breast area front and back, as a lump in your throat and as out of control mental activity in your brain.

The key to enlightenment is knowing the mystery of why and how it is that suffering manifests, and then learning what needs to be done so that the discomfort resolves and becomes well being, inner peace or happiness.

This is called Self-Realization.

Basically if you do the right thing, the pain loosens its grip on your awareness and resolves, if not, its grip becomes tighter and your suffering increases.

To not heed this feedback in yourself eventually leads to disease.

All Enlightened Spiritual Masters, Saints, Self-Realized Siddhas and Yogis have used meditation and spiritual practices to successfully navigate this process.

Your Heart Knows the Way.

What Is the Nature of Reality?!